dConstruct 2012

Brighton, UK

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Ethan Marcotte

Responsive Web Design

What is responsive design, you ask? In this full-day workshop, we’ll cover the fundamental ingredients of the approach—combining flexible layouts and media queries—before diving into the deep end of the pool. We’ll review advanced layout techniques, so that you’re as comfortable working with a fluid grid as a pixel-heavy one. We’ll discuss strategies for managing different kinds of media, from images to third-party video and advertising. And we’ll review why progressive enhancement is critical to designing for today’s Web, whether you’re working responsively or not.

Throughout the day, we’ll discuss how we might adopt more flexible design practices: from prototyping our ideas for clients, to establishing more collaborative workflows for creative teams. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll discuss criteria for when a responsive approach is right for your project—as well as discuss situations when it isn’t.

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