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James Burke

James Burke is a living legend. Or, as he put it, “No-one under the age of fifty has heard of me and everyone over the age of fifty thinks I’m dead.”

He is a science historian, an author, and a television presenter. But calling James Burke a television presenter is like calling Mozart a busker. His 1978 series Connections and his 1985 series The Day The Universe Changed remain unparalleled pieces of television brilliance covering the history of science and technology.

Before making those astounding shows, he worked on Tomorrow’s World and went on to become the BBC’s chief reporter on the Apollo Moon missions.

His books include The Pinball Effect, The Knowledge Web, Twin Tracks and Circles.

Almost all of his television work is now on YouTube. To get some inkling of just how amazing Connections was, this scene is probably the greatest piece of documentary footage ever recorded.